This post is sponsored by Kleenex. Not really, but it should be! I feel like it took at least a million tears (both his and mine, both happy and sad) to go

from this point:

Wyatt’s first day of school, Sept 2001

to this point:

Presenting Wyatt his high school diploma – May 2014

But we did it!!!!!!!!!!

We joined with two other homeschool families to create our own traditional graduation ceremony. Since it was the first graduate for each family, we were so excited and spent months planning. We rented a facility and chose colors, decorations, food, and music. A family friend was our photographer.

Class of 2014: Wyatt, Dakota, and Lindsey

We each prepared a speech and slideshow to share our familiy’s homeschooling highlights. I shared a short compilation of Wyatt’s best animated films he’d created for his YouTube channel.

Giving our family’s photo/video presentation. Kleenex!

Moving the tassel to the other side to signify graduate status

It was all worth it!!!

My very favorite part of the ceremony, was when they went outside to throw their caps. First a quick, proper toss-up, but watch the ending to see what the boys did! It makes me laugh-cry every single time!  Kleenex, get me more Kleenex!!!

We moms had so much fun planning little surprises for each of our kids — with music from their childhood, favorite treats at the reception, and a JibJab video featuring their photo ‘heads’ singing and dancing to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song.

Wyatt's display table showing his travels and his passions

Wyatt’s display table showing his travels and his passions

Weston operating the surprise snow cone machine outside

Our family: Wyatt, David, Lori, and Weston


And guess who else gets to wear these?  We each just finished high school for the SECOND time! We must be extra smart!

We three moms graduated, too. Hooray!