Delightful, heart-warming story with beautiful cinematography! Ilsa, a little girl neglected by her mother, tries to find friendship in an older neighbor, who is a butterfly collector. He’s spent years searching for a rare species of butterfly, to keep a promise to his son. When he leaves on an expedition to the mountains, she stows away in his car, longing for attention and adventure. She has never been exposed to the outdoors before and must learn some hard lessons about nature.

Spoken only in French (both English and French subtitles available), this is the best way to practice your aural comprehension. I love that it’s easier to understand than most French films, because the dialogue consists mainly of simple sentences between the old man and little girl. If you’re watching this with the kiddos, the overall content is clean, but there are one or two strong curse words (readable in the English subtitles) and the little girl tells a crass joke, which the man chastises her for (as seen in the trailer below). 85 minutes, not rated.

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