One of the most convincing reasons I know for learning French is to help with English vocabulary and spelling.  That’s right, I said English!  Did you know nearly one third to one half (depending whom you ask!) of the English language is made up of French words? We can attribute this fact to the Norman invasion of England, back in 1066.

Read any great book of literature, and you’re likely to come across several French words or phrases, such as raison d’être, nouveau riche, or savoir faire. Your understanding and comprehension is much greater if you’re familiar with these words. As well, many spelling rules, or exceptions to rules, have to do with French phonograms, like words ending in “-tion.”

Here’s a lesson I created to help whet your appetite for learning more French.  It’s called 13 Everyday English Words that are Actually French. It contains a few words you might expect, like faux and souvenir, but probably some you don’t expect, like parachute and machine. I’ve given a brief origin and explanation of each word, along with related words, all of which I hope you’ll find very interesting! If you do, please feel free to share it on Facebook and Pinterest.

Bon lecture!  (Happy reading!)